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About the Virtual Field Trip

Celebrate the dynamic movement of the supply chain as students follow the lifecycle of automotive parts travelling from manufacture to their final destinations all over the country. Along the way, a variety of real-world professionals will show students how their everyday passion and problem-solving help to support Toyota’s mission of providing Mobility for All. Find out how the many moving parts of the auto supply chain come together through a combination of complex machines, ingenious processes, and the commitment of a talented team.

Classroom Materials

Bring the Virtual Field Trip to life in any learning environment with the help of the Educator Guide, featuring ready-to-use activities for before and after watching. Take students inside the exciting world of supply chain management as they use STEM concepts to investigate the auto supply chain in their everyday lives. These activities are also a great way to get students geared up for the Innovation Ignition student challenge.

Educator Guide

“At our plant, team members work hand-in-hand with robots and other automated technology to drive Toyota quality and consistency.”

- Jeff Reinoehl
Senior Manager at Parts Distribution Center

“Today, we’re going to see how the parts, people, and systems at Toyota help us all get on the road safely.”
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