Innovation Ignition Challenge

Mobility Matters.
No matter where you live.

How can we improve transportation, infrastructure, and way of life in our communities? Innovation! Get students’ creativity moving by having them participate in the Innovation Ignition Mobility Challenge—select submissions will be featured in our Inspiration Gallery.

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Innovation Ignition Mobility Challenge

Students of all ages and backgrounds will have the opportunity to discover ways to improve and invest in their communities, investigate real-world challenges, and develop practical problem-solving skills along the way.
Share these 3 simple steps of the Innovation Ignition Mobility Challenge to get your students started!
Identify a mobility challenge that exists in your community and affects you or someone you know.
Create a solution to solve, or improve, the mobility challenge.
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What is mobility and how does it affect communities?

It starts with how we want to live and how we can get there.

Mobility gives us a sense of independence and the quality of life we want. To ensure everyone in our communities have mobility, we need innovative solutions to address challenges that may limit our mobility or have a negative impact on our environment.

Solutions such as:

  • Mass Transit
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Green Mobile Solutions
  • Mobility options for elderly
  • Accessibility options for elderly
  • Analyzing supply and demand of vehicle inventory

Working together to develop innovative ideas that improve our communities can bring mobility to all.

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