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Vice President, Voluntary Protection Products

Ensuring a Bright Financial Future

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The VP of Voluntary Protection Products is responsible for leading their part of the company to achieve important financial goals using skills in management, finance, and sales, among others. The VP of Voluntary Protection Products contributes to Toyota’s Mobility for All mission by ensuring that their division’s financial future is strong enough to continue driving innovation and providing new mobility solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Career Profile

Meet Tellis

A love of puzzles has taught Tellis that arriving at the best possible solution is all about being open-minded and enjoying the process of tinkering and problem-solving. From insurance to vehicle protection products, Tellis embraces the wide variety of opportunities available for giving customers peace-of-mind.

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    • Good at thinking in terms of dollars and cents
    • Has excellent mathematical and analytical skills
    • Knows how to effectively use data
    • Comfortable in a leadership position

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    “Having belief in yourself. That’s of the utmost importance: just having belief and confidence in your abilities.”

    Tellis Bethel
    VP, Voluntary Protection Products

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