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Skilled Maintenance Team Member

Turning Technical Skills into Real-World Solutions

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A Skilled Maintenance Team Member is an expert in the complex machines used to create products. These team members often use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and equipment, working to produce everything from engines to finished vehicles out of raw materials like metal.

Career Profile

Meet Nash

From an early age, Nash knew that he didn’t want to pursue a traditional 4-year college career path, instead pursuing his passion in trade school. By leaning into the maintenance and technical skills he developed as a kid, Nash discovered a career he loves, working in the state-of-the-art machine shop at Toyota, where technology and problem-solving come together to improve lives.

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    • Can use fundamental math to solve real-world problems
    • Comfortable handling machinery like CNC machines
    • Has a skilled eye for maintenance needs
    • Capable of collaborating with a variety of other teams

    Student Activation

    “The most interesting thing is to go from a block of steel to a usable, workable part you can hold in your hand.”

    Nash Renfro,
    Skilled Maintenance Team Member

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