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General Manager, New York Region

Expertly Managing Business Operations

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The Regional General Manager is responsible for leading all the stores and personnel in their geographic region to achieving their company’s business goals. At Toyota, the Regional General Manager supports the company’s Mobility for All mission by selling vehicles that will best serve the needs of the region’s geography and demographics.

Career Profile

Meet Briana

Having grown from a shy young person into an outgoing collaborator and leader, Briana embraces the power of hard work as a way to achieve personal transformation. Briana successfully transitioned from working in insurance to her current role as a female executive in the traditionally male-dominated automotive industry.

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    • Has a comprehensive knowledge of the particular region
    • Can monitor the company’s sales and profit margins
    • Is a strong leader who is comfortable guiding many individuals and teams
    • Perseverant enough to achieve one of the top executive leadership positions in a company

    Student Activation

    “Stay curious. You always have to continue to learn and ask questions. Because the day that you’re not curious anymore is the day you’re not living anymore.”

    Briana Nelson,
    Regional General Manager

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