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Principal Engineer, Research & Development

Innovating Safer Mobility Solutions

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The Principal Engineer for Vehicle Safety’s is responsible for testing every aspect of vehicle safety in order to detect problem areas and new innovations. At Toyota, the Principal Engineer for Vehicle Safety’s gathers extensive data on vehicle safety through sophisticated testing techniques, covering everything from vehicle design to crashworthiness to seatbelts and more.

Career Profile

Meet Jennifer

Even without knowing what job she wanted to pursue, Jennifer always loved putting things together and getting her hands dirty as a child, which led to her studying engineering. Harnessing the same problem-solving skills she used to help her parents around the house growing up, Jennifer now works to improve vehicle safety for drivers everywhere through state-of-the-art vehicle testing.

    Activate Student Interest

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    • Enjoy taking things apart and getting into the details
    • Can combine creative thinking with problem-solving to tackle real-world challenges
    • Interested in innovating data-based solutions
    • Driven to help make other people’s lives better

    Student Activation

    “I love knowing that what I do actually helps people stay safe in the real world.”

    Jennifer Pelky, Principal Engineer, Research & Development

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