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Group Vice President, Social Innovation

Finding Success Through Service

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The Vice President of Social Innovation spearheads social innovation strategies that will strengthen communities and connect businesses to those most in need of their services. At Toyota, the Vice President of Social Innovation is a high-level executive in charge of overseeing new aspects of business dealing with continued growth and success.

Career Profile

Meet Sean

Growing up as one of seven kids in an inner-city home, Sean was inspired by the work ethic and dedication of his mother, who worked two jobs as an only parent to support her family. Sean carries that work ethic into his own role at Toyota helping to improve the lives of communities through equitable mobility solutions, especially for those who are most in need.

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    • Comfortable as a leader and constant collaborator
    • Able to engage others and truly understand their needs
    • Committed to serving others and the community
    • Has excellent professionalism and interpersonal skills

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    “I get a chance to help people, and to bring people together for the common good.”

    Sean Suggs, Group Vice President

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