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General Manager, New Business Product Owner Kinto Link

Facilitating Flexible Mobility Solution Plans

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The General Manager for Financial Services Mobility develops innovative payment processes that are adaptable to the changing needs of customers. At Toyota, the GM for Financial Services Mobility focuses on efficient payment processes, increasing revenue, improving customer experience, and maintaining the company’s competitiveness in the dynamic mobility marketplace.

Career Profile

Meet Billie Jo Johnson

From her early childhood aspirations of wanting to become a successful businesswoman, Billie Jo has built her own success by setting ambitious career goals and staying committed to them. Overcoming adversity during childhood and later as a female executive of color has strengthened Billie Jo’s drive to continuously improve herself and help those around her thrive.

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    • Can stay dedicated to a single focus area (like payment processes)
    • Able to balance analytical skills with leadership and collaboration
    • Comfortable traveling and maintaining awareness of global business markets
    • Can meet tight deadlines

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    “It’s creativity. It’s math. It’s working with others. It’s understanding work that needs to get done. It’s more than just one thing.”

    Billie Jo Johnson

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