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Body Weld Pilot Project Manager

Embracing New Technologies in Manufacturing

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The Project Manager oversees projects to ensure they meet their goals within the necessary timeframe. At Toyota, Project Managers are in charge of the introduction and launching of new vehicles and technology into the production process.

Career Profile

Meet Pamela

Pamela was a very curious and outgoing child who was passionate about learning how things worked, and she still draws on those skills today to ensure innovative technologies are implemented successfully in Toyota’s manufacturing. Pamela’s career at Toyota involves exciting new tools like laser screw welding, ultrasonic testing, and the computerized measure machine.

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    • Likes to ask questions and find out how things work
    • Is a good collaborator and communicator
    • Has an interest in exciting new technologies and tools
    • Can apply engineering and other STEM skills on the job

    Student Activation

    “Make sure that you laugh when you’re at work. You have to enjoy your work to do this kind of stuff.”

    Pamela Bass,
    Body Weld Pilot Project Manager

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