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Giving students a roadmap to real-world success

Immerse your students in the amazing ways STEM innovation is creating equitable and sustainable mobility solutions for people from all walks of life. Take students behind-the-scenes in the lives of inspiring Toyota innovators to learn how young people can steer their own success down the road.

Briana Nelson

Regional General Manager

Discover how a Regional General Manager uses a thorough knowledge of geographic and demographic needs in a particular region to help create Mobility for All.

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Tellis Bethel

Vice President, Voluntary Protection Products

Learn how a VP of Voluntary Protection Products supports innovation and Mobility for All using skills in management, finance, sales and other areas to achieve important financial goals.

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Billie Jo Johnson

General Manager, New Business Product Owner Kinto Link

Find out how a General Manager reacts to the changing needs of customers with innovative payment processes that help maintain their company’s competitiveness.

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Sean Suggs

Group Vice President, Social Innovation

Get a close-up look at how a Group VP of Social Innovation ensures the mobility needs of all community members are being addressed, especially those most in need.

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Jennifer Pelky

Principal Engineer, Research & Development

Meet a Principal Engineer in R&D who pushes the limits of mobility innovation to enhance driver safety, including the creation of the first global car seat installation app.

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Juan Carlos Liberato

Assembly Engineering Manager

See how an Assembly Engineering Manager breaks down complex processes into more manageable and efficient steps that can be completed by a wide variety of teams working together.

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Pamela Bass

Body Weld Pilot Project Manager

Watch STEM innovation being put into practice as the Body Weld Pilot Project Manager ensures that cutting-edge technology is being used effectively in the manufacturing process.

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Nash Renfro

Skilled Maintenance Team Member

Go inside the machine shop to learn how a Skilled Maintenance Team Member creates finished parts and products out of raw materials using tools like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.

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Jackie Mikkelson

Information Technology Experience (ITx) Manager

Get an up-close look at how exciting technologies are being used to solve problems and improve lives by going on-the-job with the Information Technology Experience (ITx) Manager at the Toyota Tilt Lab.

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